We get you connected in even the most remote locations

Location Wi-Fi Connections are an innovative Wi-Fi and internet service provider of temporary connection set ups for the film and television industry, based in Wales.

Wherever in the UK your production is based, we help your crew secure a high quality internet connection for the most off grid, hard-to-reach locations, to make sure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

With a LAN (Local Area Network) covering your entire set, Location Wi-Fi Connections ensures your production can always communicate quickly.

Keep your entire team connected!

We use the latest technology including:

  • 4G and 5G
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Satellite Internet

We travel to your location to provide a seamless service. We work quickly and efficiently, delivering a premium service required of the film and television industry.

No Wi-Fi? No problem!

Whatever your location shoot needs, we have all the equipment and know how to get your team a strong, stable, super fast connection.

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